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भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान तिरुपति
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Technical Talks

  • Mar 29
    Talk on "Application of Number Theory to Create a Secret Code" by Dr. Mangala Narlikar, University of Pune.

    Jan 28
    Talk on "Faith, Identity and Reason" by Prof. Sonia Sikka, University of Ottawa.

  • Oct 12
    Talk on "The Many Faces of Cryptography" by Dr. Nishanth Chandran, Microsoft Research..

    Oct 05
    Talk on "Cyber Security - Overview, Incidents Services, Risks in Evolving Technologies & Trends" by Sachidananda S Javli, Director – Cyber Security, PwC India.

    Sep 26
    Talk on "Social Media Analytics" by Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, Associate Professor,

    Sep 19
    Talk on "Cloud Computing and DevOps" by Jitendra Thethi, AVP of Technology, Innovation at Aricent.

    Aug 28
    Dr. Reddy’s Foundation for Health Education (DRFHE) - Health Awareness session on "Hypertension" by Dr. P. Vasudev Shetty, MD DM Cardio from DVR & SK Super Speciality Hospital.

  • Aug 28
    Colloquium Talk on Digital India Awareness Program by S.Sankar Raj - Prompt Infotech's resource person

    Aug 28
    Colloquium Talk on Drone Based Experimental Investigation of Flow around Multi-MW Wind Farms in Flat and Complex Terrains by Dr. Balaji Subramanian from University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)

    Aug 09
    Special Lecture by Interns of XLr8 Tirupati

    Aug 09
    Lecture on MANAGEMENT ETHOS – ANCIENT INDIAN KNOWLEDGE PERSPECTIVE by Prof. Rani Sadasiva Murty - Coordinator, Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha

    Aug 08
    Colloquium Talk on NUMERICAL SIMULATIONS IN ENGINEERING: THE THIRD SCIENTIFIC METHODOLOGY by Prof. J.N. Reddy - Regents Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University

    May 02
    Faculty - In House Symposium
    March 09
    11th In-House Symposium in Atomic and Molecular Physics.
    March 08
    Colloquium talk, “The Physics of Atoms: where we are, and where we are going”, by Prof. S. T. Manson, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA.
    March 01
    Colloquium talk on “Liquid Sprays: Application and diagnostics with focus on automotive fuel injection” by Dr. Madhan Mohan Avulapati, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Tirupati.
    Feb 24
    Colloquium talk, “An overview of the Remarkable Lambert W function”, by Prof. S. R. Valluri, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.
    Feb 22
    Special interactive talk by Mr. Glenn Robinson, the managing director of XLr8 Andhra Pradesh.
    Feb 15
    Colloquium talk on “Metal halide perovskites: a new family of semiconductors for photovoltaics” by Dr. N Ravi Chandra Raju, University of Queensland, Australia.
    Feb 01
    Colloquium talk on “Understanding Fen Hydrology – a Data-intensive Groundwater Modeling Approach” by Dr. Prasanna V Sampath, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Tirupati.
    January 23
    Colloquium talk on “New Paradigms in Engineering Education” by Prof. Sadanand Gokhale, Director, LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur.
    January 18
    Colloquium talk on “Glimpses on Fourier Series” by Prof. V. Raghavendra, Department of Mathematics, IIT Tirupati.
    January 11
    Colloquium talk on “Electrospinning” by Prof. T S Natarajan, Department of Physics, IIT Tirupati.
    January 4
    Colloquium talk on “Recent trends in Telecom: How to Connect the unconnected” by Dr. Lakshmi.
    January 4
    Colloquium talk on “Cryptography and it Applications in Information and Cyber Security” by Dr. Vishal Sgaraswat.
  • August 10
    Special Lecture on Manufacturing for Human Wellness and a Wearable Revolution by Prof. Satish T.S
    March 31
    A special lecture titled ‘Technology Careers in a Hyperconnected World’ by Mr. K. Ananth Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
    March 1
    Science Day lecture titled ‘Ripples in Space Time: A New Window to the Universe’ by Prof. L. Sriramkumar, IIT Madras
    February 19
    A special talk titled ‘Resolving Atom in Our Backyards: Indigenous Technology in a Globalized World’ by Prof. Deshdeep Sahdev, Quazar Technologies, and former Professor, IIT Kanpur
    February 10
    A speech on career development by Prof. Ravikumar Bhaskaran, formerly Dean Continuing Education and Principal QIP Coordinator, IIT Kharagpur
    February 6
    A PAN IIT alumni meeting was held in the IIT Tirupati campus.The meeting was jointly organised by Prof. Satyanarayana, Professor-in-Charge, IIT Tirupati and Prof. Nagarajan, Dean, Alumni Affairs, IIT Madras.
  • Sep 19
    A speech on innovation by Dr. Mahesh Panchagnula, Professor of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras
    August 27
    A motivational speech by Dr. L.S. Ganesh, Professor of Management Studies, IIT Madras