भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान तिरुपति

भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान तिरुपति
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Engineering Science / Arts

Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
EA101M Engineering Drawing 4 EA1101
EA102P Workshop I 4 EA1103
EA103P Workshop II 4 EA1202
EA104P Makers Laboratory 26 -
EA105M Engineering Drawing 26 -
ES101M Concepts in Engineering & Design 4 ID1101
ES102L Basic Electrical Engineering 8 ES1201
ES103M Introduction to Programming 14 ES1101
ES104M Computer Programming 26 -
ES105L Foundations of Engineering Mechanics 26 -
ES106L Introduction to Electrical Systems 26 -
ES107L Engineering Dynamics 26 -
ES108L Introduction to Electronic Systems 27 -
ES109L Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning 27
ES201L Engineering Mechanics 4 ES2101
ES202L Ecology and Environment 8 ES2103
ES203L Life Sciences 9 BS2101
ES204L Ecology, Environment and Sustainability 27 -


Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
ID301L Product Innovation and Development 7 ID3022
ID501L Mathematical Methods for Basic Sciences I 2 ID5101
ID502L Innovation and Entrepreneurship 4 ID5022
ID503L Physical Techniques for Material and Life Sciences 4 ID5021
ID504L Design Thinking 22 -
ID601L Mathematical Methods for Basic Sciences II 2 ID6101
ID602N Introduction to Research 20 ID6020/20
IDXXXX Lifestyle Management 27

Chemical Engineering

Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
CH101L Chemical Process Calculations 26 -
CH201L Material and Energy Balances 12 CH2101
CH202L Fluid and Particle Mechanics 12 CH2103
CH202P Fluid and Particle Mechanics Laboratory 12 CH2191
CH203G Applied Process Engineering-I 12 CH2150
CH204L Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 12 CH2202
CH205L Process Heat Transfer 12 CH2204
CH205P Heat Transfer Laboratory 12 CH2292
CH206L Fundamentals of Mass Transfer 12 CH2206
CH207G Applied Process Engineering-II 12 CH2250
CH208L Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics - II 27
CH209G Applied Process Engineering -1 27
CH210L Fluid and Particle Mechanics 27
CH211P Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Laboratory 27
CH212L Chemical Reaction Engineering 27
CH213L Process Heat Transfer 27
CH214L Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics - I 27
CH215M Computational Techniques for Chemical Engineers 27
CH216L Fundamentals of Mass Transfer 27
CH217G Applied Process Engineering -II 27
CH218L Process Dynamics and Control 28
CH301L Homogeneous Reaction Engineering 12 CH3101
CH302L Separation and Purification Processes 12 CH3103
CH302P Mass Transfer Laboratory 12 CH3191
CH303L Transport Phenomena 12 CH3105
CH304M Computational Techniques for Chemical Engineers 12 CH3107
CH305G Applied Process Engineering - III 12 CH3150
CH306L Heterogeneous Reaction Engineering 12 CH3202
CH306P Reaction Engineering Laboratory 12 CH3292
CH307L Process Control and Instrumentation 12 CH3204
CH307P Process Control Laboratory 12 CH3294
CH308M Process Equipment Design 12 CH3206
CH309G Applied Process Engineering - IV 12 CH3250
CH310L Separation Processes 28
CH312L Transport Phenomena 28
CH313P Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory 28
CH314P Process Control Laboratory 28
CH315G Applied Process Engineering-III 28
CH316L Process Synthesis and Economics 28
CH317M Chemical Technology 28
CH318L Bioprocess Engineering 28
CH319P Separations Laboratory 28
CH320P Process Design and Simulation Laboratory 28
CH401L Process Synthesis and Economics 12 CH4101
CH402L Process Safety and Industrial Pollution 12 CH4103
CH404L Bioprocess Engineering 12 CH4202
CH407L Corrosion Engineering 12 CH4021
CH408L Oil and Gas Engineering 12 CH4023
CH501L Microscale Unit Operations 14 CH5021
CH502L Optimization Techniques 14 CH5022
CH503L Adsorption Science and Technology 16 CH5023
CH504L Introduction to Colloids and Interfaces 16 CH5024
CH505L Modern Process Control 16 CH5025
CH506M Analytical Techniques and Instrumentation 17 CH5026
CH507L Bioprocess Intensification and Integration 17 CH5028
CH508L Food Processing Technology 17 CH5029
CH509L Introduction to Nanoscience and Technology 17 CH5027
CH510L Machine Learning in Process Engineering 17 CH5030
CH511L Biological Fluid Mechanics 20 CH5031
CH512L Introduction to Molecular Dynamics Simulations 21 CH5032
CH513L Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design 23 -
CH514L Mathematical Methods for Chemical Engineers 23 -
CH515L Molecular Thermodynamics 23 -
CH516M Process Simulations Laboratory 23 -
CH517L Transport Processes 23 -
CH518L Electrochemical Energy Storage 27 -
CH519L Physics of Softmatter 27 -
CH520L Engineering Economics and Sustainability 27 -
CH521L Introduction to Microfluidics 27 -
CH522L Corrosion Engineering 27 -
CH523L Chemical Production Scheduling 27 -


Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
CY101L Physical and Theoretical Chemistry 4 CY1101
CY102L Organic and Inorganic Chemistry 4 CY1202
CY103P Chemistry Laboratory 4 CY1204
CY104L Chemistry for Engineers 26 -
CY501L Quantum Chemistry and Chemical Bonding 10 CY5101
CY502L Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry 10 CY5103
CY503L Reactions and Reagents in Organic Chemistry 10 CY5105
CY504L Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics 10 CY5107
CY505L Main Group and Organometallic Chemistry 10 CY5109
CY506P Organic Chemistry Laboratory 19 CY5191
CY507L Principles of Spectroscopy 10 CY5202
CY508L Stereochemistry and Organic Synthesis 10 CY5204
CY509L Symmetry and Group Theory 11 CY5206
CY510L Bioinorganic and Environmental Chemistry 10 CY5208
CY511M Computer Programming and Numerical Methods in Chemistry 10 CY5210
CY512P Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 10 CY5292
CY513L Statistical Mechanics 6 CY5022
CY514L Supramolecular Architectures and Molecular Machines: Fundamentals and Applications 18 CY5027
CY515L Introduction to Polymer Science 6 CY5021
CY516L Computational Methods in Materials Science 6 CY5023
CY601L Electrochemistry and Chemistry of Solids 10 CY6101
CY602L Applications of Spectroscopy in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry 10 CY6103
CY603P Physical Chemistry Laboratory 10 CY6191
CY604L Biomolecules and Chemical Biology 10 CY6202
CY605L Pericyclic Reactions and Photochemistry 10 CY6024
CY606L Chemistry of Heterocyclics and Natural Products 18 CY6025
CY607L Nanochemistry Principles and Applications 22 -
CY608L Chemistry of p and f Block Elements 27 -
CY609L Biophysical Chemistry 27 -
CY610L Modern Methods for Asymmetric Synthesis 27 -
CY611L Classical Simulation Methods and Applications 27 -
CY612L Modern Electronic Structure Methods and Applications 27 -
CY613L Chemistry of Inorganic Clusters 27 -

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
CE101L Strength of Materials 27
CE202L Civil Engineering Materials and Construction 8 CE2105
CE203L Surveying 8 CE2103
CE203P Surveying Practical 8 CE2191
CE204L Geology and Soil Mechanics 8 CE2204
CE205P Building Drawing 8 CE2294
CE206L Structural Analysis 8 CE2202
CE206P Structural Engineering Laboratory 8 CE2292
CE207L Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics 8 CE2206
CE208L Structural Analysis 28
CE209M Surveying 28
CE210M Civil Engineering Materials 28
CE211L Fluid Mechanics 28
CE212L Engineering Geology 28
CE213P Mechanics Laboratory 28
CE214M Soil Mechanics 28
CE215L Structural Steel Design 28
CE216L Water and Wastewater Engineering 28
CE217L Hydraulics 28
CE218M Transportation Engineering 28
CE301L Basic Structural Steel Design 8 CE3101
CE302L Water Resources Engineering 8 CE3103
CE303L Environmental Engineering 8 CE3105
CE304P Building Materials Laboratory 8 CE3193
CE305P Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering Laboratory 8 CE3191
CE306L Basic Reinforced Concrete Design 8 CE3202
CE307L Geotechnical Engineering 8 CE3204
CE308L Transportation Engineering 8 CE3206
CE308P Transportation Engineering Laboratory 8 CE3292
CE309L Concrete Technology 8 CE3107
CE310L Advanced Structural Analysis 8 CE3021
CE401L Estimation and Construction Management 8 CE4101
CE402L Functional Design of Buildings 8 CE4103
CE501L Prestressed Concrete Design 14 CE5121
CE502L Pavement Materials and Construction 2 CE5101
CE503L Structural Dynamics 2 CE5102
CE504L Chemical Processes for Environmental Engineering 3 CE5111
CE505L Groundwater Hydrology 6 CE5021
CE506L Pavement Analysis and Design 3 CE5117
CE507L Soil Dynamics and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering 3 CE5211
CE508L Structural Stability and Design 3 CE5115
CE509L Groundwater Modelling 3 CE5113
CE510L Traffic Flow Modeling and Simulation 6 CE5022
CE511L Integrated Impact Assessment 7 CE5023
CE512L Solid and Hazardous Waste Management 7 CE5024
CE513L Water Resources Planning and Management 7 CE5025
CE514L Advanced Design of Concrete Structures 8 CE5108
CE515L Advanced Design of Metal Structures 8 CE5204
CE516P Advanced Structural Engineering Laboratory 8 CE5193
CE517L Air Pollution Control Engineering 8 CE5105
CE518L Applied Hydraulic Engineering 8 CE5106
CE519L Biological Processes in Wastewater Engineering 8 CE5202
CE520L Earthquake and Wind Engineering 8 CE5028
CE521L Environmental Chemistry 8 CE5111
CE522P Environmental Monitoring Laboratory 8 CE5291
CE523M Environmental Risk Assessment 8 CE5026
CE524L Geotechnical Investigations and Foundation Design 8 CE5027
CE525M GIS and Remote Sensing 8 CE5026
CE526L Ground Improvement and Geosynthetics 8 CE5206
CE526P Ground Improvement and Geosynthetics Laboratory 11 CE5294
CE527P Hydroinformatics Laboratory 8 CE5191
CE528L Health Monitoring of Civil Engineering Structures 22 -
CE529P Pavement Engineering Laboratory 8 CE5195
CE530L Physicochemical Processes in Water and Wastewater Engineering 8 CE5104
CE531L Random Vibrations and Structural Reliability 8 CE5030
CE532L Surface Water Hydrology 8 CE5107
CE533L Traffic Engineering and Road Safety 8 CE5109
CE533P Traffic Engineering Laboratory 8 CE5197
CE534L Advanced Soil Mechanics 11 CE5112
CE534P Advanced Soil Mechanics Laboratory 11 CE5199
CE535L Geoenvironmental Engineering 11 CE5033
CE536L Rock Mechanics 11 CE5031
CE537L Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and Applications 11 CE5032
CE538L Advanced Concrete Technology 12 CE5034
CE539L Advanced Mechanics of Solids 2 CE5103
CE540L Introduction to Geodesy 22 -
CE541M Synthetic Aperture Radar and Applications 23 -

Computer Science and Engineering

Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
CS201L Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science 8 CS2103
CS202M Programming Methodology 8 CS2105
CS203L Computer Organization 8 CS2204
CS203P Computer Organization Laboratory 8 CS2292
CS204L Data Structures and Algorithms 8 CS2206
CS204P Data Structures and Algorithms Laboratory 8 CS2294
CS205L Theory of Computation 8 CS2202
CS206L Digital Systems 8 CS2101
CS206P Digital Systems Laboratory 8 CS2191
CS207L Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science 28
CS210M Digital Logic Design 28
CS211L Software Engineering 28
CS212P Software Systems and Tools Laboratory 28
CS208M Digital Logic Design 27
CS209L Computer Organisation and Architecture 27
CS209M Computer Organisation and Architecture Laboratory 27
CS301L Compiler Design 8 CS3103
CS301P Compiler Design Laboratory 8 CS3191
CS302L Software Engineering 8 CS3105
CS302P Software Engineering Laboratory 8 CS3294
CS303L Machine Learning 12 CS3109
CS303P Intelligent Systems Laboratory 12 CS3296
CS304L Design and Analysis of Algorithms 8 CS3101
CS305L Operating Systems 8 CS3107
CS305P Operating Systems Laboratory 8 CS3193
CS306L Computer Networks 8 CS3202
CS306P Computer Networks Laboratory 8 CS3292
CS307L Artificial Intelligence 12 CS3204
CS308M Database Systems 8 CS3206
CS309L Operating Systems 28
CS311M Object Oriented Programming 27
CS312P Computer Networks Laboratory 28
CS313P Compiler Design Laboratory 28
CS314P Operating Systems Laboratory 28
CS401L Computer System Design 8 CS4101
CS401P Computer System Design Laboratory 8 CS4191
CS402N Industrial Lecture 1 IL4101
CS402M Computer Systems Security 28
CS501L Cryptography and Network Security 2 CS5101
CS502L Advanced Computer Networks 4 CS5021
CS503L Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms 4 CS5101
CS503P Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Laboratory 5 CS5191
CS504L Algorithmic Engineering 6 CS5022
CS505L Computational Complexity Theory 6 CS5023
CS506L Computer System Architecture 6 CS5202
CS507L Data Science for Software Engineering 6 CS5024
CS508L Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems 6 CS5026
CS509L Predictive Data Modelling 6 CS5025
CS510L Computational Geometry 8 CS5027
CS511L Artificial Neural Networks 20 CS5222
CS512L GPU Computing 10 CS5221
CS513L Industrial Data Science and Engineering 10 CS5223
CS514L Artificial Intelligence 12 CS5204
CS515L Computational Methods in Optimization 12 CS5107
CS516L Data Science and Engineering 12 CS5109
CS516P Data Science Programming Laboratory 12 CS5195
CS517L Data Stream Analytics 12 CS5226
CS518L Deep Learning 12 CS5223
CS519L Machine Learning 12 CS5103
CS519P Intelligent Systems Laboratory 12 CS5292
CS520L Parallel Computing 12 CS5105
CS521L Stochastic Decision Processes 12 CS5225
CS522L Industrial Software Engineering 12 CS5206
CS523L Distributed Systems 12 CS5208
CS524L Algorithms for Big Data 14 CS5229
CS525L Randomized Algorithms 14 CS5228
CS526L Test and Verification of VLSI Systems 14 CS5227
CS527L Cyber Security 15 CS5232
CS528L Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra 15 CS5231
CS529L Stochastic Network Optimization 15 CS5230
CS530L Introduction to Blockchain Technology 16 CS5028
CS531L Computer Systems Security 17 CS5029
CS532L Probabilistic Machine Learning 18 CS5030
CS533L Reinforcement Learning Algorithms 18 CS5224
CS534L Foundations of Data Science 20 CS5233
CS535L Data Science for Networks 21 CS5032
CS536L Complex Networks 21 CS5031
CS537L Introduction to Modern Cryptography 22 -
CS538L Accelerating Sparse Computations 25 -
CS539L Artificial Intelligence 27 -
CS540P Intelligent Systems Laboratory 27 -
CS541L Generative Software Engineering 27 -
CS542L Algorithms in Computational Biology 27 -
CS543L User Interface Design and Development 27 -
CS601L Big Data Systems 21 CS6101
CS601P Big Data Systems Laboratory 21 CS6191
CS699L Special Topics in Computer Science and Engineering I 11 CS6999/11
CS603L Principles of Reinforcement Learning 17 CS6021
CS604L Stochastic Dynamic Programming and Social Learning 17 CS6022
CS799L Special Topics in Computer Science and Engineering II 11 CS7999/11

Electrical Engineering

Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
EE201L Electric Circuits and Networks 8 EE2202
EE202M Solid State Devices 8 EE2204
EE203L Engineering Electromagnetics 16 EE2208
EE204M Digital Signal Processing 8 EE2206
EE205L Signals and Systems 8 EE2103
EE206L Digital Systems 8 CS/EE2101
EE206P Digital Systems Laboratory 8 CS/EE2191
EE207P Analog Circuits Laboratory 27
EE207L Analog Circuits 27
EE208L Digital Systems 27
EE209P Digital Signal Processing Laboratory 27
EE209L Digital Signal Processing 27
EE210M Semiconductor Devices 27
EE211L Communication Systems 27
EE212M Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement 27
EE213L Electrical Circuits and Networks 28
EE301L Analog Circuits 8 EE3101
EE301P Analog Circuits Laboratory 8 EE3191
EE302L Electrical Machines 8 EE3103
EE302P Electrical Machines Laboratory 8 EE3193
EE303L Control Engineering 8 EE3105
EE304L Communication Systems 8 EE3107
EE305L Power Systems 8 EE3202
EE306M Principles of Measurement 8 EE3204
EE307L Digital Communication 10 EE3021
EE308L Engineering Electromagnetics 28
EE310L Power Electronics 28
EE311L Computer Organization and Processor Design 28
EE401L Power Electronics 8 EE4101
EE403P Control and Automation Laboratory 12 EE4191
EE404L Electric Drives 12 EE4022
EE405L Modeling and Control of Electric Machines 12 EE4023
EE501L High Speed Devices and Circuits 2 EE5107
EE502L Image and Video Processing 2 EE5101
EE503L Linear Dynamical Systems 2 EE5102
EE504L Non-Linear Control Systems 2 EE5104
EE505L Optimal Control 2 EE5105
EE506L Pattern Recognition and Machine learning 2 EE5106
EE507L Computer Vision 3 EE5113
EE507P Computer Vision Laboratory 6 EE5294
EE508L Machine Learning for Image Processing 4 EE5024
EE509L Communication Networks 5 EE5022
EE509P Communication Networks  Laboratory 8 EE5292
EE510L Advanced Communication 6 EE5202
EE510P Advanced Communications Lab 6 EE5292
EE511L Information Theory and Coding 6 EE5025
EE512L Multivariable Feedback Control 6 EE5026
EE513L Statistical Signal Processing 6 EE5204
EE514L CAD for VLSI Systems 7 EE5028
EE515L Linear Integrated Circuits Theory and Applications 7 EE5027
EE516L Medical Imaging 8 EE5029
EE517L Transducers 8 EE5030
EE518L Introduction to Integrated Photonics 9 EE5031
EE519L Modeling and Control of Cyber-Physical Systems 9 EE5032
EE520L Compound Semiconductor Devices 10 EE5033
EE521M Embedded Systems 11 EE5035
EE522L VLSI Circuits for Signal Processing 11 EE5037
EE523L Wireless Communication 11 EE5103
EE523P Wireless Communication Laboratory 11 EE5193
EE524L Nanoelectronic Devices 12 EE5038
EE525L Probabilistic Graphical Models 12 EE5040
EE526L Speech Signal Processing 12 EE5034
EE527L Advanced Signal Analysis and Processing 12 EE5101
EE527P Advanced Signal Analysis and Processing Laboratory 12 EE5191
EE528L Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics 16 EE5053
EE529L Advanced Microwave Engineering 16 EE5052
EE530L Analog VLSI Design 16 EE5041
EE531L Antennas and Wave Propagation 16 EE5042
EE532L Deep Learning for Healthcare 16 EE5043
EE533P Device Fabrication and Characterization Laboratory 16 EE5298
EE534P Device Simulation Laboratory 16 EE5195
EE535L Digital VLSI Design 16 EE5109
EE536P FPGA Laboratory 16 EE5296
EE537L Fundamentals of Multiple Antenna Wireless Communications 16 EE5044
EE538L Introduction to Smart Grid Technology 16 EE5045
EE539L Microwave Theory and Techniques 16 EE5046
EE540L MOS Device Modelling and Characterization 16 EE5023
EE541L Network Economics 16 EE5047
EE542L Physics and Modeling of Semiconductor Devices 16 EE5039
EE543L RF and Mixed Signal Design 16 EE5049
EE544L RF Microelectronics 16 EE5048
EE545M RF-CAD Lab-based Project 16 EE5127
EE546L Stochastic Geometry for Wireless Networks 16 EE5051
EE547L VLSI Fabrication Principles 16 EE5036
EE548L Antenna Theory and Design 17 EE5054
EE549L Microwave Integrated Circuits 17 EE5055
EE550L RF Transceiver Design 17 EE5056
EE551L Theory and Design of Gyrotrons 17 EE5057
EE552L Advanced Power Electronics 19 EE5058
EE553L Modeling and Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots 19 EE5059
EE554P Image Processing Laboratory 5 EE5193
EE555L Deep Learning for Computer Vision 2 EE5103
EE556L Wireless Communication 4 EE5022
EE557P RF-CAD and Circuits Laboratory 21 EE5194
EE558P Advanced Microwave Laboratory 21 EE5192
EE559M Advanced Topics of RF-CAD Lab based Project 23 -
EE560L Computational Electromagnetics 23 -
EE561L Fiber Optic Systems 23 -
EE562L Foundations of Metamaterials and Plasmonics 23 -
EE563L Quantum Information Theory 25 -
EE564L Power Semiconductor Devices 27 -
EE565L Machine Learning for Wireless Communications 27 -
EE566L Multiple Antenna Communication for 5G and beyond 27 -
EE601L Deep Learning: Theory and Applications 7 EE6021
EE602L Network Information Theory 7 EE6022
EE603L Robotics and Automation 8 EE6023
EE604L Queueing Theory 9 EE6024

Humanities and Social Sciences

Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
HS101N Proficiency in English 4 HS1101
HS102N Basic Course in German 6 HS1103
HS103N Basic Course in Japanese 6 HS1105
HS104N Basic Course in Sanskrit 6 HS1107
HS105N Basic Course in Spanish Language 9 HS1109
HS201L Introduction to the Science of Language 2 HS2020
HS202L International Trade and Finance 3 HS2030
HS203L The Indian Economy 3 HS2211
HS204L Introduction to Political Economy 7 HS2021
HS205L English for Communication 8 HS2022
HS206L Organizational Behaviour 8 HS2024
HS207L Introduction to Philosophy 8 HS2023
HS208L Public Policy in India 22 -
HS209L Introduction to Philosophy 27 -
HS301L Environmental and Resource Economics 2 HS3020
HS302L Indian Literature: Text and Performance 2 HS3040
HS303L Reading Indian Cinema 2 HS3050
HS304L Science, Technology and Society 2 HS3030
HS305L Foundations to Indian National Movement 6 HS3060
HS306L Leadership and Team Management 6 HS3221
HS307L Basics of Microeconomics 7 HS3021
HS308L Introduction to Financial Management 8 HS3023
HS309L Principles of Economics 8 HS3022
HS310L Modern Literature 23 NA
HS311L Colonialism and Anti- Colonial Thought 27
HS401L Professional Ethics 7 HS4202
HS402L Introduction to Public Speaking 6 HS4121
HS403L Organizational Psychology: Theory and Practice 6 HS4021
HS404L Academic Writing 6 HS4122
HS405L Indian Political Thought 8 HS4022
HS406L Professional Ethics 27
HS501L Sustainability Science and Governance 19 HS5021
HS502L Financial Statement Analysis 20 HS5022
HS503L Introduction to Data Analytics -Methods 21 HS5023
HS504L Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainability 21 HS5024
HS505L Communication for Effective Leadership - I 21 HS5025
HS506L Communication for Effective Leadership - II 21 HS5026
HS507L Crises, Pandemics and Policy Responses 21 HS5027
HS508L Economics for Public Policy 21 HS5028
HS509L Ethics and Public Policy 21 HS5029
HS510L Introduction to Energy and Environmental Policy 21 HS5030
HS511L Introduction to Program Evaluation 21 HS5031
HS512L Public Administration, Public Policy and Governance 21 HS5032
HS513L Public Finance 21 HS5033
HS514L Public Organization and Management 21 HS5034
HS515L Statistical Techniques for Public Policy 21 HS5035
HS516L Research Design and Qualitative Methods 21 HS5036
HS517L Social Justice and Human Rights 21 HS5037
HS518L Sustainable Urban Infrastructure 21 HS5038
HS519L Project Management 27
HS520L Supply Chain Management 27
HS601L Advanced Literary Criticism 2 HS6101
HS602L Cultural Studies 2 HS6102
HS603L Indian Literature in Translation 2 HS6103
HS604L Indian Poetics 2 HS6104
HS605L Financial Institutions and Markets 6 HS6022
HS606L Introduction to Behavioral Economics 6 HS6021
HS607L Indian Metaphysics 8 HS6023
HS608L Modern Indian Philosophy 8 HS6024
HS609L Philosophical Discourse of Modernity 8 HS6025
HS610L Philosophy, Politics and Society 8 HS6026
HS611L New Media and Digital Culture 9 HS6027
HS612L Behavioral Finance 10 HS6028
HS613L Fundamentals of Econometrics 10 HS6029
HS614L Technical Communication 10 HS6105
HS615L Corporate Governance 12 HS6030
HS616L Sustainable Human Resource Management 19 HS6031
HS617L Conflict Theory 20 HS6032
HS618L Introduction to Migration Studies in Literature 20 HS6033
HS619L Introduction to Data Analytics -Tools 21 HS6034
HS620L Communication for Effective Leadership - III 21 HS6035
HS621L Indian Economic Experiences 21 HS6036
HS622L Introduction to Theories of Development 21 HS6037
HS623L Politics of Environmental Policy-making Processes 21 HS6038
HS624L Sustainable Finance 21 HS6039
HS625L Time Series Modelling 21 HS6040
HS626L Gender, Crime, and Popular Media 23 NA
HS701L Advanced Environmental and Resource Economics 3 HS7105
HS702L Applied Econometrics 3 HS7103
HS703L Development Economics 3 HS7101
HS704L Economics of Climate Change 3 HS7202
HS705L Microeconomics 3 HS7204
HS706L Program Evaluation 3 HS7206
HS707L Advanced Organizational Behaviour 8 HS7021
HS708L Data Analysis for Management 8 HS7022
HS709L Human Resource Management 8 HS7023
HS710L Organization Structure and Design 8 HS7024

Mathematics and Statistics

Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
MA101L Calculus 4 MA1101
MA102L Differential Equations and Matrices 4 MA1202
MA103L Engineering Mathematics-I 26 -
MA104L Engineering Mathematics-II 26 -
MA201L Linear Algebra 12 MA2021
MA202L Complex Variables  7 MA2022
MA203L Numerical Analysis 7 MA2024
MA204L Probability and Statistics  9 MA2023
MA205L Statistics and Random Processes 9 MA2023
MA206L Numerical Methods 9 MA2023
MA501L Linear Algebra for Engineers 12 MA5021
MA502L Differential Equations for Engineers 12 MA5023
MA503L Probability Theory for Engineers 12 MA5022
MA504L Statistical Methods for Engineers 3 MA5103
MA505L Discrete Mathematics 7 MA5111
MA506L Linear Algebra 7 MA5109
MA507P Programming Lab 7 MA5191
MA508L Statistical Inference 7 MA5115
MA509L Stochastic Processes and Time Series Analysis 7 MA5210
MA510L Multivariable Calculus and Measure Theory 10 MA5202
MA511L Ordinary Differential Equations 10 MA5204
MA512L Probability Theory 10 MA5113
MA513L Real Analysis 10 MA5107
MA514L Regression Analysis 10 MA5208
MA515L Algebra 7 MA5206
MA516L Basic Graph Theory 26 -
MA517M Basic Programming Laboratory 26 -
MA518L Groups and Rings 26 -
MA519L Sampling Theory 26 -
MA520L Measure Theory 27 -
MA521L Multivariable Calculus 27 -
MA522M Data Science Programming Laboratory 27 -
MA523L Stochastic Processes 27 -
MA601L Complex Analysis 7 MA6105
MA602L Sampling Theory and Design of Experiments 7 MA6107
MA603L Multivariate Statistical Analysis 7 MA6109
MA604M Numerical Analysis 10 MA6204
MA606L Bayesian Statistics 7 MA6029
MA607L Fixed Point Theory 2 MA6102
MA608L Functional Analysis 7 MA6022
MA609L Linear Integral Equations 2 MA6101
MA610L Non-parametric Statistics 7 MA6028
MA611L Number Theory 7 MA6023
MA612L Partial Differential Equations 7 MA6024
MA613L Fractal Geometry 2 MA6103
MA614L Topology 7 MA6021
MA615L Generalized Linear Models 3 MA6202
MA616L Biostatistics 12 MA6036
MA617L Categorical Data Analysis 12 MA6031
MA618L Continuum Mechanics 12 MA6025
MA619L Functional Data Analysis 12 MA6033
MA620L Lie Algebras 12 MA6037
MA621L Mathematical Modelling 12 MA6026
MA622L Operations Research 12 MA6034
MA623L Representation Theory 12 MA6038
MA624L Spatio-Temporal Modelling 12 MA6032
MA625L Statistical Finance 12 MA6030
MA626L Statistical Simulations and Data Analysis 12 MA6035
MA627L Distributions and Sobolev Spaces 15 MA6027
MA628L Statistical Analysis of Network 16 MA6039
MA629L Statistical Learning: Theory and Applications 16 MA6040
MA630L Differential Geometry 27
MA631L Ergodic Theory 27
MA632L Design of Experiments 27
MA633L Numerical Analysis 27
MA634L Time Series Analysis 27
MA635P Scientific Computing Laboratory 27
MA701L Advanced Analysis 5 MA7021
MA702L Advanced Algebra 7 MA7105
MA703L Advanced Probability Theory 7 MA7107
MA704L Advanced Statistical Inference 7 MA7103
MA705L Advanced Differential Equations 10 MA7101

Mechanical Engineering

Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
ME201L Thermodynamics 8 ME2101
ME202M Strength of Materials 8 ME2103
ME203M Material Science and Engineering 8 ME2105
ME204M Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines 8 ME2202
ME205M Kinematics and Dynamics and Machinery 8 ME2206
ME206M Manufacturing Technology 8 ME2204
ME207L Mechanics of Solids 27
ME208P Applied Mechanics Laboratory 27
ME209L Engineering Thermodynamics 27
ME210L Theory of Mechanisms and Machines 27
ME211L Fluid Mechanics 27
ME212L Heat Transfer 27
ME213L Mechanical Measurements and Metrology 27
ME214L Foundry and Welding Processes 28
ME215L Introduction to Materials Science 28
ME216L Forming and Machining Processes 28
ME217M Mechatronic System Design 28
ME301M Machining Processes 8 ME3103
ME302L Design of Machine Elements 8 ME3105
ME303M Heat and Mass Transfer 8 ME3101
ME304M Mechanical Measurements and Metrology 8 ME3107
ME305L Applied Thermal Engineering 8 ME3202
ME306P Machine Drawing 8 ME3292
ME307M Vibrations and Control 8 ME3204
ME308M System Dynamics and Control 23 NA
ME310L Applied Thermal Engineering 28
ME311P Machine Drawing 28
ME312M Linear System Dynamics and Control 28
ME313L Design of Machine Elements 28
ME314P Materials and Measurements Laboratory 28
ME315L Energy Conversion Systems 28
ME317L Introduction to Linear Elasticity 28
ME318P Thermal and Manufacturing Laboratory 28
ME401M Energy Conversion Systems 8 ME4101
ME402L Operations Research 8 ME4103
ME403M Mechatronics 8 ME4202
ME404L Industrial Automation 8 ME4204
ME501M Computational Fluid Dynamics 20 ME5101
ME502L Finite Element Method in Engineering Mechanics 2 ME5102
ME503L Joining Technologies 2 ME5103
ME504L Additive Manufacturing 3 ME5111
ME505M Experimental Methods for Engineers 21 ME5022
ME506L Applied Numerical Methods 5 ME5029
ME507L Composite Materials 5 ME5023
ME508L Welding Metallurgy 5 ME5030
ME509L Advanced Manufacturing Processes 6 ME5204
ME510L Design for Manufacturing and Assembly 6 ME5206
ME511M Material Characterization Techniques 6 ME5208
ME512L Product Design and Development 6 ME5202
ME513L Compressible Flow 8 ME5025
ME514L Abrasive Machining and Finishing Processes 9 ME5031
ME515L Advanced Fluid Mechanics 9 ME5104
ME516L Convective Heat Transfer 9 ME5210
ME517L Fracture and Fatigue 11 ME5032
ME518P Design and Manufacturing Laboratory-I 12 ME5191
ME519L Introduction to Continuum Mechanics 12 ME5027
ME520L Mechanics and Control of Robotic Manipulators 12 ME5221
ME521M Tribology and Surface Engineering 12 ME5033
ME522L Wheeled Mobile Robots 12 ME5222
ME523L Robotic Control Systems 14 ME5223
ME524L Advanced Solidification Processes 16 ME5034
ME525L Vibrations of Discrete Systems 16 ME5105
ME526P Design and Manufacturing Laboratory-II 19 ME5292
ME527L Design and Analysis of Welded Structures 19 ME5035
ME529L Attitude Estimation and Control 21 ME5036
ME530L Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer 21 ME5037
ME531L Flow Instability and Turbulence 21 ME5038
ME532L Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Safety 21 ME5039
ME533L Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning 21 ME5040
ME534L Sorption Cooling and Heating Systems 21 ME5041
ME535P Fluids and Thermal Laboratory 21 ME5192
ME536M Model Analysis: Theory and Practice 27
ME537L Fundamentals of Combustion 27
ME538L Introduction to Field and Service Robots 27
ME539L Advanced Mechanics of Solids 4 ME5107
ME540L Design of Fluid-Thermal Equipment 27
ME541L Special Topics in Elements of Smart Manufacturing 27
ME542L Machine Learning for Mechanical Engineers 27
ME543L Continuum Mechanics 27
ME601L Advanced Thermodynamics 20 ME6021
ME602L Theory of Plasticity 10 ME6221
ME603L Vibrations of Continuous Systems 10 ME6022
ME604L Martensitic Phase Transformations 11 ME6023
ME605L Wave Propagation in Solids 11 ME6024
ME606L Pollutant Formation and Control in Combustion 17 ME6025
ME607L Machine Learning in Mechanics 19 ME6026
ME608L Structural Transformations in Crystalline Solids 22 -
ME611L Wind Turbine Systems 20 ME6027
ME701L Nonlinear Dynamical Systems 10 ME7021
ME702L Nonlinear Finite Element Methods 10 ME7221


Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
PH101L Introduction to Classical Mechanics 4 PH1101
PH102L Introduction to Electrodynamics and Quantum Mechanics 4 PH1202
PH103P Physics Laboratory 4 PH1103
PH104L Introduction to Classical Physics 26 -
PH105L Introduction to Quantum Science and Technology 27 -
PH201L Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics 28
PH202L Applied Optics 28
PH203P Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism Laboratory 28
PH301P Applied Optics and Material Physics Laboratory 28
PH302P Advanced Engineering Physics Laboratory 28
PH501M Applied Electronics 10 PH5109
PH502L Classical Electrodynamics 10 PH5105
PH503L Classical Mechanics 10 PH5103
PH504M Computational Physics 10 PH5210
PH505L Condensed Matter Physics 10 PH5208
PH506L Mathematical Physics I 10 PH5101
PH507L Mathematical Physics II 10 PH5202
PH508P Physics Laboratory I 10 PH5191
PH509P Physics Laboratory II 10 PH5292
PH510L Quantum Mechanics I 10 PH5107
PH511L Quantum Mechanics II 10 PH5204
PH512L Statistical Physics 10 PH5206
PH513L Introduction to Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Computing 17 PH5021
PH514L Introduction to Quantum Technology 24
PH515L Basics of Quantum Computing 24
PH601L Atomic and Molecular Physics 10 PH6101
PH602L Classical and Quantum Optics 10 PH6103
PH603P Advanced Physics Laboratory 10 PH6191
PH604L Nuclear and Particle Physics 10 PH6202
PH605L Basics and Applications of Plasma Physics 8 PH6021
PH606L Fundamentals of Laser Physics 8 PH6022
PH607L Magnetism and Superconductivity 9 PH6023
PH608L Introduction to Condensed Matter Theory 10 PH6121
PH612L Theory of Atomic Collisions and Spectroscopy 20 PH6203
PH613L Advanced Quantum Computing 24
PH614L Many-body theories of electron correlation 24
PH701L Physical Techniques in Materials Science 6 PH7021
PH702L Foundation of Experimental Physics 9 PH7101
PH703L Foundations of Theoretical Physics 9 PH7103